Friday, June 27, 2008


Dear Friends,
The blog you are reading is one of Gay Project Blogs (three blogs in Italian and this one in English).
I’m going to summarize in a very shot abstract what Gay Project is, how it started and how it developed. The 31/8/2007 gayproject opened the first gay themed blog: PROGETTO GAY (GAY PROJECT) a “serious” gay blog that has no political or commercial purpose, but has two specific purposes: a) to promote a dialogue and a serious discussion between gay people, b) to promote a real knowledge about the “real gay world” (invisible, a thousand miles away from the media).
For these purposes, GAY PROJECT blog, published: a) posts that are documents of real gay life, only exceptionally with very limited modifications (to reduce them to an acceptable size for a post and to eliminate references to strictly personal facts or real people); b) posts are only about relevant subjects for gay-live. To date, GAY PROJECT published over 600 posts in Italian. Our Readers added more than 700 comments, many of which are extremely significant. In the early days of September 2007, gayproject opened two other blogs: STORIE GAY and STORIE GAY E NON SOLO these two blogs are essentially two clones of Progetto Gay but on different platforms, created in order to enlarge the visibility. Slowly and progressively around the blog Progetto Gay was created a group of people who, after having commented several times the blog, exchanged their msn contacts with gayproject and subsequently asked to exchange their contacts with other Progetto Gay users. Today there is in fact, a quite informal, but precisely for this very serious group of Gay Project users who know one another, talking with each other frequently chatting and having close friendship, these people, who affectionately gayproject calls blog-boys, are THE REAL GAY PROJECT HEART. Gayproject, after many uncertainties, has finally decided to open a true forum on the platform of forumfree: This new forum entitled "FORUM PROGETTO GAY (GAY PROJECT FORUM)" is a very sophisticated instrument, which offers huge possibilities in terms of flexibility and visibility. Everyone can start new discussions and post comments to those already under way, everyone can propose polls. So the possibilities are enormous.
Let me say that this Gay Project forum is becoming just a great thing and is taken very seriously here in Italy. A forum of this kind was actually my secret dream ... Here the space is all for you, here you have full right of initiative, your presence here is not possible but essential. Thanks boys! The project is growing and the image of gay world that comes out it is high, full of dignity. The Gay Project Forum is a faithful portrait of what real gay guys are: real boys, full of desire to live and to love, true and deep feelings. Gay does all this!
I just started a new section of Progetto Gay Forum. Are you a gay guy who speaks English? If you are interested to let us know your experience and to know how gay guys from other countries live their being gay, please, check the
Forum and open a new debate in the English language section of this forum: "Gay Project Forum". Gay Project Forum launches today a new initiative given to all gay guys who speak English or who currently use the English language aimed at creating (if possible) a dialogue between gay guys from different countries to allow each of us to understand how gay reality is experienced in the world. The subjects of Gay Project Forum are: parents and gay teens, gay orientation for young people, to realize that you are gay, coming out, true gay stories, gay discomfort, gay guys, gay and sex, gay couples, if a woman loves a gay, older gay men, how heterosexuals see gay people, gay themed movies, gay and music, our Gay Project. We are waiting for you!

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