Thursday, October 6, 2011


After a job far from negligible, I finally managed to network the GAY PROJECT INTERVIEWS in a multilingual version.
You can now browse the full site and read the cards on the basis of the order number and you can do it in all languages, but you can also compile the test in your own language (even other than Italian). What is crucial is that, in any language they are written, the cards will appear in the language chosen by the reader. For example, if a user fill out the questionnaire in American English, a Spanish customer will read it directly translated into Spanish. It is possible to access the interview search table, presented in the customers language. Now all cards are in Italian, the words (or parts of words) to be inserted in the fields to be searched must be in Italian, but if there are many cards in English or in Spanish you could also include in the table search words or parts of words in those languages, but in this case the search would be limited to only English or only Spanish. In this way the online site of the interviews is truly and completely international. Limitations exist only for the inclusion (not for reading) of interviews in languages ​​that do not use the Latin alphabet, this is because the encoding of the DB is unique and is based on the Latin alphabet.
Thank you in advance.