Thursday, October 6, 2011


After a job far from negligible, I finally managed to network the GAY PROJECT INTERVIEWS in a multilingual version.
You can now browse the full site and read the cards on the basis of the order number and you can do it in all languages, but you can also compile the test in your own language (even other than Italian). What is crucial is that, in any language they are written, the cards will appear in the language chosen by the reader. For example, if a user fill out the questionnaire in American English, a Spanish customer will read it directly translated into Spanish. It is possible to access the interview search table, presented in the customers language. Now all cards are in Italian, the words (or parts of words) to be inserted in the fields to be searched must be in Italian, but if there are many cards in English or in Spanish you could also include in the table search words or parts of words in those languages, but in this case the search would be limited to only English or only Spanish. In this way the online site of the interviews is truly and completely international. Limitations exist only for the inclusion (not for reading) of interviews in languages ​​that do not use the Latin alphabet, this is because the encoding of the DB is unique and is based on the Latin alphabet.
Thank you in advance.

Friday, September 30, 2011



On this page of "Project Gay"

you can find three distinct services:

1) The "Interviews online on gay sexuality," structured around 30 questions to which the user can respond in a totally anonymous answers of any length. In order to avoid advertising and spam, the inclusion in the interviews archive available to the public shall be subject to moderation by Gay Project. To avoid duplication of items, the "send" function is disabled for a period of time after the first shipment. The entire site is accessible and operational in many languages, users can read the interviews available in the archive directly in their language, can fill in the questionnaire that will be proposed to them in their language (the only limitation being that it is a language that uses the Latin alphabet as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc..). The search functions are designed to search a data base of cards in Italian and then the research, to involve most of the cards must be based on Italian words or parts of Italian words. If you enter words or parts of words in English, for example, the search would be limited only to fill out cards in English.

2) The "Sexual orientation test online," articulated around 67 choice-questions. The test is completely anonymous. The card, once sent, is immediately inserted in the archive accessible to the public. Again, to avoid duplication of items, the send function is disabled for a period of time after the first shipment. After sending the form, the system processes a personalized answer and presents it in a special page which contains an analysis of the answers given by the user, conduct on the basis of Gay Project experience. The modules containing the answers to the tests are stored and form the basis of the statistical system of Gay Project. Anyone can complete the test, read the custom tab and read the other response cards in the archive in their own language and can also use the search function and read the results in their own language. Currently the system is still under construction and personalized responses are limited to the analysis of sexual orientation only. Gay Project will improve personalized answers gradually widening the analysis to other aspects of the test. The analysis of individual tests will also be accessible only on the basis of the number of the card, allowing users to repeat the test at a later time.

3) The "Gay Project statistics", to allow analysis of the sexual orientation test archive. Statistics can be constructed on the basis of specific requests sent directly online to the system by the user. Obviously, the statistical analysis require a large data base adequately to have a concrete meaning. Statistics can be read in the language chosen by the user.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Read and browse Gay Project sites in youR language
GAY PROJECT SITE When you open the home page on the right below you can find the “translate” button to translate pages in a lot of languages.
GAY PROJECT CHAT Mibbit device allows you to use the online translator to read and write directly in your own language.
If your language is not among those specifically listed above, no fear, click on the link to English and then, in the upper part of the page, choose the language in which you want to read the site.  

Monday, September 26, 2011


Dear friends of Gay Project who reside outside of Italy, Gay Project gives you a new and exciting opportunity, you can now directly read the Gay Project Forum in you own language. Pages will appear automatically translated into your language. In practice it is as if the Forum was fully written in your language.
Allowed Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, simplified Chinese, traditional Conese, Korean, Danish, Hebrew, Estonian, Finnish, French, Japanese, Greek, Haitian, Hindi, Indonesian, English, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, German, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese.
If your language is not included among those linked explicitly below, no fear, click on the link to the Forum in English and then, in the upper part of the page, choose the language in which you want to read the forum.  

Gay Project Forum - English

Dear friends of Gay Project who reside outside of Italy, Gay Project gives you a new and exciting opportunity, you can now directly read the Gay Project Forum in English. Pages will appear automatically translated into English. In practice it is as if the Forum was fully written in English.

Chers amis de Projet Gay qui résidez au dehors de l'Italie, le Projet Gay vous offre une nouvelle et passionnante possibilité, vous pouvez maintenant lire directement le Forum Projet Gay en Français, faisant défiler les pages qui vont apparaître automatiquement traduites en Français. Dans la pratique, c'est comme si le Forum avait été entièrement écrit en Français.

Queridos amigos de Proyecto Gay que residen fuera de Italia, el Proyecto Gay ofrece una oportunidad nueva y excitante, ahora se puede leer directamente el foro del proyecto Gay en Español desplazándose a través de las páginas que aparecerá automáticamente traducido en Español. En la práctica es como si el foro fue escrito totalmente en Español.

Liebe Freunde der Gay Projekt, wenn Sie nicht wissen Italienisch, Gay Projekt bietet eine neue Chance und spannend, können Sie jetzt direkt lesen Sie die Gay Projekt Forum in Deutsch. Die Seiten werden automatisch ins Deutsch übersetzt. In der Praxis ist es, als ob das Forum wurde komplett in Deutsch verfasst.


Queridos Amigos do Projeto Gay que residem fora da Itália, o Projeto Gay oferece novas e excitantes oportunidades, agora você pode ler diretamente o Fórum Projeto Gay em Português percorrendo as páginas que aparecerão automaticamente traduzido em Português. Na prática, é como se o Fórum foi totalmente escrito em Português.

Cari amici di Progetto Gay, è ora possibile leggere l'intero Forum di Progetto Gay in moltissime lingue. Ciascuno potrà navigare tranquillamente tra le pagine che appariranno tutte direttamente nella lingua da lui scelta. In pratica, per l'utente straniero è come se il forum fosse stato scritto tutto nella sua lingua.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Dear friends of Gay Project,
we started two years ago an interview online service about gay sexuality and about problems that gay people must face. The service started only in Italian but it wasn’t a really interactive service. Now the online interviews about gay sexuality have been newly structured on a different and very interactive basis.
We start today the online interviews system about gay sexuality in English.

The Gay Project "Interviews" constitute a unique source of knowledge about the real lives of gay and gay-especially not publicly declared. After two years they have been collected approximately 100 interviews online, Gay project will not only publish these interviews in a readily accessible but also enable the easy way a research topic of the interviews published. For this reason this page was created specialized that lets you:

participate in online interviews, filling out and submitting the form in conditions of complete anonymity,

read the interview published by simply inserting the card number that will be read,

perform searches based on key words in each of the fields which make up the interview form.

The interview consists of 30 open-ended questions to which they may respond by writing a text of unlimited length. Because the form is loaded you must answer all questions.
To respond seriously to the questions of the interview should be a time of between 45 and 60 minutes.

To prevent misuse of the site, enter interviews will be published only after being seen by a moderator.

We reproduce below the first online interview on gay sexuality, dating back to 11 / 04/2009.

1) My age
27 years old but I do not think

2) My sexual orientation and its evolution
Until a year ago I felt 100% straight, I never even had sex with girls and I have never been in love with a girl

3) When and how I knew to be gay
I understand being gay only to 26 years, when I'm in love with a friend of mine

4) When and how I agreed to be gay
At first I did not accept at all the idea of
​​being gay, especially in sex, and the boy walked away, but then I was missing too and I could not stay away from him

5) The difficulties I encountered in the acceptance of my gay identity
Having been in circulation always straight, at first, falling in love with a boy it seemed something unnatural

6) The hardships that I faced and I face as gay
Until now, the only difficult situations are derived from the fact that I thought my boyfriend was straight and he believed me, but have only been problems between us

7) Who knows about me
Only my boyfriend knows me, no other

8) The relationship with my parents
The relationship with my parents is good, but their gay side of me they know nothing

9) My relationship with my friends
In practice, they began to work in another city, I lost friends that I had, but know nothing about me, when I thought these guys straight, now, seeing as gay do not know how they would react

10) Where are my knowledge of reality gay
My knowledge of the gay world are especially Draft Gay seems to me that something very serious

11) My relationship with my nakedness and others
Until about two years ago I had absolutely no problems with my nakedness and that of others, doing sport and these things I was used to no effect and I did because I felt those things straight and had no sexual significance for me. Today I think I would feel embarrassed

12) My relationship with masturbation
First, until two years ago, all my fantasies were for girls, masturbation was not exciting but when I started thinking about my boyfriend to do things to change.
Now we do a little 'about sex between us, that is sexual cuddles but when we are alone, masturbation remains a fundamental thing for him and for me, of course we think each other

13) My relationship with pornography
Heterosexual pornography was left totally disgusted and in practice even by the gay, with few exceptions, I like a more realistic story with a little 'about sex that a film centered around sex

14) My relationship with the sites and meetings with the erotic chats
I have never attended neither one nor the other, and I've never had even the slightest curiosity

15) As I have tried to create my own emotions / sexuality
Before I met my boyfriend when I was straight, even thought to be asexual and have never tried to accomplish anything, then, with my boyfriend, he came all by itself and in practice did not have to look for anything

16) My relationship with the girls
I first sexual fantasies about girls, but I think I knew who did it all, now I have nothing against girls but I have no friends, but for the truth even friends

17) My relationship with the kids straight
No particular problem, but I currently have straight friends, old ones do not see them most and where I work now I did not make new friends

18) My relationship with gay guys
I do not know gay guys except my boyfriend

19) What strikes me most in a boy
The smile, willingness to talk to me and shows me the respect that

20) My previous love life
A hetero-only fantasy love life

21) My current emotional situation
In practice, living with my boyfriend but no one knows

22) My emotional satisfaction
I feel as happy as I had never been in my life

23) My degree is sexual satisfaction
Sex with us because we go up some resistance, are especially pampered, but I would say that the satisfaction that I try to be embraced by him is total

24) The weight of the sex in my emotional world
Well, I'd be hypocritical to say that does not count but in practice is a way to have no secrets from each other at any level. We are going step by step, but even so it is a very important thing

25) What I want from my boy
The total loyalty, I always say what they think, without hesitation, but he does it spontaneously

26) What do you think I can give to my boyfriend
I try to be honest with him 100%, I would not do a thing for another because I love him too well

27) My wishes in relation to my love life / sexual
I just wish things never change and that my boy was always in love with me

28) My frustration in relation to my love life / sexual
At the moment I do not feel any sense of frustration, I felt when I thought he was straight and were difficult moments, but not now

29) What I would like to know about the love life / sex other gay guys
I'd like to read this questionnaire written by other boys

30) How much I feel informed about risky sexual behavior
Not much really, but neither I nor my boyfriend have never had sex with other people