Friday, April 30, 2010


Nowadays, more than 330 people took the test of  proposed by GayProject.
I'm publishing today for the first time the stats self-upgrading of this test. I invite you to consult them by using attention because the elements contained are valuable.
QUIZ CONTENTS: My age / sexual orientation felt / family pressures / social expectations / effective sexuality inside a couple / have or not done coming out / value of my relationships with people of the same age within my sexual education / value of my relationships with parents within my sexual education / value of religion within my sexual education / value of pornography within my sexual education / affective
orientation felt / polarization of the sexual interest / difficulty of accepting of my sexuality in the present time / sexual orientation of masturbation / value
of masturbation inside couple life / level of satisfaction in couple life, actual or hypothetical (for those who didn't have sex yet) / level of affective satisfaction in my couple every day, actual or hypothetical / level of sexual satisfaction when masturbating / level of affective satisfaction when masturbating

TO PARTICIPATE you have to compile anonymously the following module:

As soon as you send the  compiled test you can read the page regarding your answers followed by a commentwhich is written automatically by the software/script and based on the experience developed within GayProject:

You can also read the entire database containing the answers of others:

The self-upgrading statistics analysis about the principal elements of the test can be found at the following link:

The presented elements are extremely interesting.

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