Sunday, September 26, 2010



Dear Friends, this site in entirely dedicated to Gay Project Chat system.
Gay Project Chat system started two years ago with a single chat channel #progettogay, on Azzurra server. This way every day 20/30 users joined the chat, and starting from there also joined Gay Project Forum and other services like online tests about sexual orientation and so on.
Recently a user from abroad Italy told me he wasn't allowed to enter Gay Project Chat and  really Azzurra server worked only for Italian users. That's why I started immediately another chat service based on Mibbit server. And users from abroad Italy told me it worked fine al least for European users. A lot of users who joined Mibbit Chat got away because Mibbit Channel was frequently empty. Our Italian chat users where chatting on national traditional chat channel, accessible only from Italy. I have to add that no one got in touch with us from USA or Canada using Mibbit chat.
That's why I started today a new international chat channel #gayproject on  port 5555 this channel can be entered from everywhere in the world. But we have another problem to solve, how to make Italian users migrate from the only Italian chat to the ne new international chat in order to allow users from abroad Italy find the chat with people really chatting. That's possible only making the old Italian chat a key chat and linking the new international chat in the place of the old one. I know it's quite hard to realize, because people don't like such tings, but it's necessary.

Please, be accustomed to use the new chat like the normal and usual Gay Project chat channel. Nothing changes for Italian users and people can join the chat from everywhere.

#gayproject on  port 5555

I just started another service: the chat guestbook:


The Chat Guestbook allows you to write messages in your own language to the chat users specifying the time you'll come back to the chat and also more complete messages.

International Gay Project Chat IS NOT A  SEX CHAT and is devoted to serious dialogue between gay people from different countries.
From this page you can access International Gay Project Chat from everywhere in the world. The chat is multilingual and allows you to write and read in your own language what others write. Anyone can participate without registering.

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