Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Thanks to the collaboration of a friend living abroad, finally International Gay Project Chat works fine.
He told me that he could not enter Gay Project Chat. The link didn’t work properly from out of Italy. Indeed, despite a substantial advertising to our chat, also on the blog NOT ONLY GAY that is aimed at English speakers people, no foreign user has been seen for a long time. Years ago we had people from the USA and Russia, but no one arrived from abroad recently.
Just to let users from out of Italy enter Gay Project Chat I started an extensive research and found that our traditional provider of instant messaging (an Italian provider), seeing the spam grow much on its international network, created different servers, for different geographical areas, one for Italy, one for the rest of Europe, one for the U.S. and Canada and so on, but these servers are independent and only the Italians can chat with other Italians, Europeans outside of Italy only with other Europeans outside of Italy and so on. So with that provider to connect an Italian user with an user abroad by an IRC chat was not really possible.
What to do? The answer is obvious, look for an international provider that has not segmented servers. The provider I have chosen is Mibbit (server:, whose chat rooms are equipped with multi-language translator online. I then proceeded to open a channel (#gayproject) on that can be accessed via the Gay Project Chat, quite similar to other Gay Project chats, but the new one is truly international.
I wrote to the friend that pointed out the inability to connect from outside with the old chat and I got his reply in which he said he entered normally the new chat.
I opened a new site on Altervista and put there the pages to access international chat (both in English and Italian). 
The International chat, is identical to the previous, the same method of access and use but the new chat has the fundamental characteristic of being accessible from abroad and this is a major step forward.
Because the new chat is on another server, nicknames registered on the old server must be newly registered on the new, I would ask all interested about being  moderators on the new chat (it requires a bit 'of English) to register their nickname to the new server and also send me an email ( indicating their willingness and both their forum nicknames and nicknames registered on Mibbit.
I pray all the old traditional users to use also the new chat so that people accessing from abroad (remember those accessing from abroad may access only the international chat) never find the channel #gayproject empty.


Thank you all!

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