Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Is it possible to be a be a half of a gay couple? The gay couple does really exist? A lot of posts on Gay Project Forum are about gay couples. The most of them ends up with an happy end. I think, Project, you pretend this pattern to be applied to every couple or at least to many couples, like it was the real model of the gay life. I usually see very different things, gay guys who are single and like their being single, gay guys out of the closet from many years, who are looking forward to get rid of their partners because gay people don’t really like couple’s life, and a lot of them get rapidly tired of such things. Gay people are like the happy average American families? The life of gay guys, the real gay life, is now dominated by theoretical problems like gay marriage that really is and will be a theoretical problem for the majority of gay people. Yes, it’s a political problem, but not a real problem. How many gay guys would marry if it was possible? Perhaps rich gay people, but mostly to show themselves, It’s not about love! And then probably in one or two years they will divorce, just like heterosexual couples. Gay people are better than straight? I don’t think so. Gay people are, (we are, including myself) strongly affected by a lot of prejudices. We think that changing the  world is our mission, that we can overcome the human stupidity. We can’t change anything, what depends on ignorance and well rooted cultural heredity needs centuries to be overcame. Have I to be ashamed because I’m the closet? Someone tells me that the world would have changed if I had come out, but this is ridiculous. What would have been the consequence of my hypothetic come out? Perhaps my loneliness would have been shown off, but nevertheless would have remained a complete loneliness. Do you really think that my coming out would matter for someone else? Perhaps for a gay guy secretly in love with me, but for nobody else! That can be taken for granted! Coming out, because of gay solidarity? Gay solidarity is just like human solidarity. Gay people would help me some way? It would be fantastic and really it’s only fantasy. We all are only selfish, no matter gay or straight. Couple’s life? Coming out? If you are a gay activist that’s up to you, if being gay is something that is about politics that’s up to you. Probably gay world is changing at an high speed and I can’t even conform. Gay life belongs to young gay people, because their life is just starting. I look at them as to people who come from another planet. I have already begun to walk my sunset boulevard! The difference between gay and straight is nothing compared to the difference between old and young people! I have to shut up, and let young gay guys play their role. I wish you a long and pleasant life! Good luck!
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