Monday, November 12, 2012


Looking for a serious gay forum to learn about and understand the issues that gay guys face every day? The new “Gay Project Forum“, in English, has been set with the same criteria that led to the success the similar forum in Italian language, namely:
A) Total absence of commercial interests. All services of Project Gay are and will be absolutely free, Gay Project is strictly non-profit.
B) Gay Project is totally free from any kind of advertising.
C) The privacy is absolutely guaranteed. The e-mail address used to register is not accessible to users and will not be passed on to anyone and for any reason. Those who are interested can register by creating a new or a temporary e-mail address. Users are not required personal data of any kind.
D) Gay Project does not publish material already published in other sites but only original material.
GAY PROJECT was born as a portal for information, dialogue and debate about gay reality. It is a project aimed at all, which calls for equal comparison on issues related to homosexuality. The Forum of Gay Project is an extension of this service and offers opportunities for discussion and debate. 
Access and registration on this forum are subject to compliance with some mandatory rules, in addition to the prohibitions provided for by law and by the general rules governing forums:
1) In this forum is not allowed any pedophile content, either directly or indirectly through external links. Gay Project is radically incompatible with pedophilia.
2) In this forum is allowed to talk about politics and religion within the limits of respect for the opinions of others. Gay Project has no religious or political purposes, however all the content deemed offensive to the users or to the forum itself will be the subject to moderation.
3) In this forum there must be no reference to trade, either directly or indirectly through links to the sites of a commercial nature (i.e. any content proposed for profit).
4) In this forum are not allowed pornographic references of any kind, either directly or indirectly through external links.
5) In this forum is not allowed any reference to racist or discriminatory type, either directly or indirectly through external links.
6) In this forum it’s not allowed to post personal details, contact details (e.g. email, msn, facebook, etc.), promotional sites for personal activities or third parties.
The user who posts messages or links in violation of Sections 1 – 6 will be banned.
Help us to launch this new Forum! Register and use this forum, new members will follow and this tool will prove to be useful for the knowledge of the gay reality. Go to Gay Project Forum.

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